Wednesday, May 23, 2007

SE7EN: Anatomy of a Panel (episode two)

Page twenty of SEVEN: ENVY was essentially six panels of a static image, with a couple changing foreground elements. So I put a lot of time into making that one image look nice.

For the apartment intercom, I started off with what is a rather boring line drawing; a framework, really, for the detail and texture that I would fill it with.

I created a bunch of cut out slips of paper, with names in various handwritten and typed styles, to give some personality to the other tenants of the building. Tenants we'd never see, but who would hopefully feel real through the limited amount of information I was able to convey in this panel.

I added layers of splatter texture to make the whole thing look old, grimy, and used. Then lots of color, shadows, and highlights to bring it to life:
(click images to enlarge them)

Here's a close up look at the final background:

Next I drew the gloved hand of John Doe pressing the intercom button for the Mills' apartment. I added various layers of texture to the glove, including one scanned from an old leather-bound book, and threw in a subtle layer of red - as if blood had been quickly, but carelessly, scrubbed from it (the Pride victim?).

I dropped the finished gloved hand over the background and added some shadow:

Then I drew in ink a close up profile of John Doe's face speaking into the intercom, scanned it, added an old paper texture for the skin, and colored it:

Three drawings combined to make six panels, with some added dialogue and sound effects.

Here's the final page:

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Blogger Sara's Stuff! said...

I really love this. Very, very cool!

1:50 AM  
Blogger Brian Churilla said...

kee-rist. fantastic.

12:37 PM  

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